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Daisy Design is a freelance graphic design company based in regional South Australia, owned & operated by Emma Axon. 

At Daisy Designs we understand that a brand is much more than a logo. Which is why, when you work with us you will receive a brand package backed by a strategy driven marketing plan that is a reflection of you, your business & working towards reaching your future goals. We will work with you & your business to create a brand that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Daisy Designs has a background in both Marketing & Design & a passion for social media which we believe to be the perfect combination to help take you & your business to the next level. 


Hi I’m Emma, the creative & owner of Daisy Designs.


My background is in Marketing & Design. Design & being creative is something I have always loved which is why it made so much sense to turn my passion into a career.


When I’m not working you’ll find me outdoors with a camera looking for birds or curled up on the couch with a cup of tea & Daisy, my golden Labrador who’s name inspired my company name.


I hate coffee, avocados & slow Internet!

I love travel, animals & Disney!


Everyone thinks they have the world's greatest dog, and as the saying goes, none of them are wrong. I am about to burst your bubble, there is no greater dog than Daisy. Daisy is a Queen.

Daisy is happiest swimming or sleeping. She loves nothing more than a butt rub or an ear scratch. Her fetch days may be behind her but if ever you get the pleasure of meeting Daisy, she will greet you with her favourite toy in her mouth (or stick or rock depending on what's close by). 

Daisy is never far from Emma's side, they truly are the best of friends. There has never been a more loyal or happier dog. 

A true mascot. 

Thank you Daisy for all the joy you bring to the world. 

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