What's in a brand?

A brand is so much more than just a logo. When your business has a brand, it has an identity. 


Your audience starts to recognise you for your colour palette, your messaging, your font styles & general aesthetic. You can stop plastering your logo over everything and screaming your business name at the top of your lungs and instead, let your brand speak for you.

A brand is consistent yet versatile. It should be able to be applied to multi-mediums such as packaging, web-design social media, signage, stationery and all those little extra thoughtful products such as swing tags, thank you cards, loyalty cards even lolly wrappers. Whatever it may be, a brand can be applied to it in a much more creative, professional and aesthetically pleasing way that just laying your logo on top of your favourite colour. 



A brand It should be developed strategically with your target audience in mind as well as your competitors and allow you to stand out from the crowd as well as giving space for your business grow and develop overtime.


If you think you are ready to take your business from a logo to a brand, or perhaps its time for a re-brand, contact the team at Daisy Designs today, we can’t wait to work with you. 

54 31 Collective a not-for-profit enterprise run by the community for the community in the township of Orroroo in the Southern Flinders Ranges SA.

Providing a blend of unique local businesses a shared market vibe space to showcase their products.

The brand needed to be modern with a rustic feel, iconic whilst using a neutral colour palette to allow the business pods & products to shine though.  

Created in 2021 for '54 31 Collective' was a full brand package, social media suite, a website & environmental portrait photography.

Simply Put is a organisational business in Jamestown SA.

Peta approached Daisy Designs originally looking to develop a social media suite with a goal to grow her online presence.

To establish the iconic and memorable social feed that Peta was hoping for for her business a brand package was added. The brand uses a calming colour palette and scripted text for a more personal touch. 

The brand includes; logo with stacked variation, sub mark logo mark & brand pattern.

The brand pattern features geometric shapes in aesthetically pleasing stacked layouts. This represents the calming, satisfactory feeling of a well organised home.

The brand also features various icons to resemble the 5 rooms that Peta acknowledges to be her clients main focus when organising the home. 

The Long Room, a local hardware store in Crystal Brook SA.

Owner, Jodie wanted a brand to bring life back to the old hardware store she purchased in 2022. The store was to have a homely, familiar feel to reflect the name 'Long Room' which came from Jodie's childhood. Growing up on a farm, the old homestead featured a room in which you could hope to find the thing you were looking for, affectionally known as 'The Long Room'.

The brand features a series of icon showcasing the various specialist product types sold within the store.

Blue Envy is a denim jean brand providing fashionable and comfy denim jeans.

Branding includes; logo with stacked variation; sub mark; colour palette

Supplied; swing tags

Passion projects: @itsabiconnick

Perspective is a sunglasses shop that design unique sunglasses that really make people stop & stare!

Branding includes; logo with stacked variation; sub mark; logo mark; brand patterns

Supplied; stationery (business card, loyalty card); packaging

Passion project: @itsabiconnick

Pepper Mill is a new up and coming restaurant and cocktail bar. 

This edgy, rustic dining room surrounded by mood lighting and greenery in the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a unique dining experience like no other. With live music and cocktails from their very own mixologiststs at the bar which is open till late, every weekend you'll be saying 'Meet me in the PM?'

Branding includes;  logo with stacked variation; sub marl; logo mark; promotional flyers; cocktail menu

Passion project

Bloom Baby is a bright, bold & vibrant new florist. This franchise is your one stop shop for flower, gifts & homeware, also offering a range of gifts, body lotions, candles & plants. 

It’s target audience is women in their 20’s & 30’s. The owner was looking for a bright, edgy brand that is memorable to it’s customers. 

Branding includes; logo & variation; logo mark; packaging design; signage; stationery kit; brand pattern 

Passion project

Client testimonials

“ Emma was absolutely amazing ! She listened to where I was at with my business , made some great suggestions and put together an amazing branding package for me . She listened to all of my feedback and she could not have nailed the brief more if she tried . I love the new look of my business and can’t wait to work with Emma again”

- Peta, Simply Put