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Okay, it's official!
We can't live without social media!

Wether you’re on Facebook, Instagram or both you would know from scrolling through your own newsfeeds how much noise there is. You have a very small window of opportunity to grab your audiences attention which means, your posts need to stand out and make an impression quick!



This come back to branding, a brand allows your audience at a quick glance to recognise your business and with social media, consistency is the key!


Daisy Designs social media packages works with you and your business to work out what messages you are wanting to communicate with your audience. From here we are able to custom build a variety of templates for you to use to promote your business. 


While Daisy Designs works to design and create your custom branded templates within the Adobe suite, you will not need to commit to paying the costs to run these programs yourself. Once approved we will export all the elements and rebuild your templates in a free easy to use website called ‘Canva’.


Want your post to stand out in a sea of selfies and food photographs? Contact Daisy Designs today and see how we can help lift your social profile.

brand socials-02_edited.png

NicFit Training is a gym in Jamestown SA offering group fitness classes & personal training sessions. 

The business came to Daisy Designs with an exisiting logo and a goal to grow their online presence, to lift their profile and attract more clients.

The business now has an iconic branding that is easily recognisable by its geometric shapes, bright colour palette and edgy lettering. 

The social platforms have a growing audience and NicFit Training are also working with Daisy Designs to develop a website. 

brand socials-07_edited.jpg

Simply Put, a local organisational business in Jamestown SA. The business approached Daisy Designs for a brand complete with social media suite. The fun brand patterns that feature basic shapes stacked in various ways representing the satisfaction of an organised home have been featured across the social templates along with calming colours & cute icons representing the key room focuses for clients. 


Rosy Boutique is an up and coming boho clothing store in Gladstone SA. Daisy Designs has been able to provide a complete branding with a social suite & website (under construction). 

The blush tones allow space for the clothes to be the main feature whilst providing a statement with the contract of dark to light tones.

Client testimonials

Emma is incredible and very talented! I had no idea what I was doing when it came to the social media, marketing and advertising component of running a business. I would literally post a photo informing our audience of what classes were on the schedule that day with no thought process about target audience, colour schemes, hashtags etc. I always felt quite embarrassed when posting anything on social media, especially a video of myself speaking.


Running a business can be stressful and challenging at times. Our workload is very  time consuming as we work extended hours in the studio most days. Social media was always our last priority. Ensuring our clients are happy has always been our number one priority.


Emma has relieved Luke and I of this important task which had become a burden for myself especially. It allows us to focus more of our time and energy on other aspects of our business, most importantly our performance in the studio.


Emma is always extremely organised, understanding, professional and is just a beautiful and positive soul. We love working with her on a regular basis and NicFit Training is extremely grateful and lucky to have her. 


We strongly recommend getting in contact with this girl if you are also struggling with social media/advertising/marketing
for your business. 

Nicole Lemke & Luke Sandland

Co-Directors of NicFit Training

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